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In her article, “Nowhere Feels Safe: The Bullying Epidemic" (Based on her book "Raising Our Children to Be Resilient,") Linda Goldman states; “One aspect of prevention is education for adults and children. When a community is educated about recognizing hurtful behaviors, its members are more likely to intervene and eliminate them.

Another aspect is firm actions and boundaries to create a zero tolerance for bullying at home, in the schools and throughout the community.

Still a third aspect is guidelines and procedures established in families and educational systems that allow safe harbor for those victimized by bullying and expedite action against those that perpetuate abusive behaviors.

Only then can we begin to eliminate the imbalance of power so inherent in the challenge of eliminating the dangers of bullying for our children.”

We only have to look around to see how we have blurred boundaries in our society. Celebrities, politicians. sports figures have been in the news concerning their verbal insensitivity towards an identified group of individuals. Often they blame their remarks on alcoholism or early abuse etc.

Linda Goldman further states: "Creating and enforcing strong boundaries for our children are first steps toward eliminating bullying behaviors. Children are empowered by providing ways for them to help themselves.

Her strategies for helping victims:

It is impossible for children to solve bullying issues alone. Adults must be role models and not allow verbal abuse, physical threats and sexual innuendo in our homes, schools or neighborhoods. It must be our goal to change the mindset and convince adults that bullying-victimization encounters are dangerous to our children and that those youths who torment, tease and abuse will be appropriately disciplined. We must not only clearly define bullying but also instill the concept that we help people and save lives by speaking out.

• Learn to protect yourself

• Stay away from a bully

• Report loss of possessions and threats of violence to someone you trust

• Take a look at yourself for signs of bullying behavior

• Walk in groups on the playground, in the hall and to and from school

• Do not ignore bullying

• Defend classmates from bullying

• Children are more effective in speaking up against bullying in groups

• Start a bullying prevention program in school

• Create a bully policy in school."

Source: Healing Magazine - Nowhere Feels Safe: The Bullying Epidemic

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