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calling the kettle black?

ARE we calling the kettle black?

In the children's fairytale, what did the witch do after she saw Snow White's image in the looking glass? She brewed a concoction in her kettle.

Her purpose was to eliminate her competition.

Someone suggested we were robbing the bully of her humanity by listing bullying traits. Our purpose is not to annihilate bullies but to identify them by their traits and behaviors because those they target tend to blame themselves.

Targeted individuals need to know they did not invite the bullying and there is little they can do to change the bully. If we can identify bullying behaviors and traits we can distance ourselves from their disordered behaviors or at least know where our stress is coming. That’s it in a nutshell.

Rather than calling the kettle black, we are shedding light on harmful behaviors and identifying those who are likely to use them.

If identifying the bullying traits robs them of them of their humanity perhaps we should not identify any bad behavior at all. Live and let live as they say. The problem with that is that too many people who are not able to defend themselves, the elderly, children, and persons with disabilities are being bullied.

We as civilized individuals need to protect them- not in a way that robs them of their growth or independence but in a manner that keeps them safe.

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