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Why in the world?

You have chosen us as your target. In doing so, you have classified us as having the following positive tendencies. So your efforts are in vain. We are not diminished. We are educated about ourselves and why you have chosen us. The following list has been complied by experts on bullying.

Tim Field lists the following qualities that bullies find irresistable.

popularity (this stimulates jealousy in the less-than-popular bully)

competence (this stimulates envy in the less-than-competent bully)

intelligence and intellect

honesty and integrity (which bullies despise)

you're trustworthy, trusting, conscientious, loyal and dependable

a well-developed integrity that you're unwilling to compromise

you're always willing to go that extra mile and expect others to do the same

successful, tenacious, determined, courageous, having fortitude

a sense of humor, including displays of quick-wittedness

imaginative, creative, innovative

idealistic, optimistic, always working for improvement and betterment of self, family, the employer, and the world

ability to master new skills

ability to think long term and to see the bigger picture

sensitivity (this is a constellation of values to be cherished including empathy, concern for others, respect, tolerance etc)

slow to anger

helpful, always willing to share knowledge and experience

giving and selfless

difficulty saying no

diligent, industrious


strong sense of honor

irrepressible, wanting to tackle and correct injustice wherever you see it

low propensity to violence (i.e. you prefer to resolve conflict through dialogue rather than through violence or legal action)

a strong forgiving streak (which the bully exploits and manipulates to dissuade you from taking grievance and legal action)

a desire to always think well of others

being incorruptible, having high moral standards which you are unwilling to compromise

being unwilling to lower standards

a strong well-defined set of values, which you are unwilling to compromise or abandon

high expectations of those in authority and a dislike of incompetent people in positions of power who abuse power

a tendency to self-deprecation, indecisiveness, deference and approval seeking

low assertiveness

quick to apologize when accused, even if not guilty

a strong sense of fair play and a desire to always be reasonable

high coping skills under stress, especially when the injury to health becomes apparent

a tendency to internalize anger rather than express it

information obtained from: Bully OnLine

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