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Was Albert Einstein a target of bullying?

He was four years old before he was able to talk and seven before he could read.

His teachers told Thomas Edison that he was stupid.

Winston Churchill failed the sixth grade.

"Gifted children with learning disabilities are known as "twice exceptional". Some characteristics to look for when attempting to identify these children are as follows: evidence of an outstanding talent or ability, a discrepancy between expected and actual achievement and evidence of a processing deficit.

They also may have trouble getting along with peers and show evidence of low self-esteem (Brody & Mills, 1997). It is also important to note that learning disabilities are life long impairments...:

The following from Tim Field’s Bully OnLine should be a great help to others challenged with learning disabilities.


Bullies are predators and choose their prey by homing in on vulnerability. Everyone has vulnerabilities. Here a a few:

being the sole breadwinner
being single and not having anyone to support you on a regular basis
living alone and having no-one to turn to at the end of each day
having caring responsibilities at home, e.g. an elderly relative
having a child with special needs or who needs special care
caring for a disabled partner or family member
experiencing separation or divorce
caring for a dying partner or relative
undergoing bereavement
suffering grief during the mourning phase following bereavement
belonging to an ethnic minority
belonging to a minority group
having a different sexual orientation
having a different cultural background
having a different religious belief
suffering an illness, whether related to work or not
suffering an injury, whether it be at work, as a result of work, or outside work
being female in a male environment being male in a female environment
not having English as your first language, or not having the national language as your first language
being too old, or too young

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