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survivor symptoms

Tim Field’s list (in part) of survivor symptoms due to bullying:

An overwhelming desire for acknowledgement, understanding, recognition and validation of their experience.

A simultaneous and paradoxical unwillingness to talk about it

A lack of desire for revenge, but a strong motivation for justice.

A tendency to oscillate between conciliation (forgiveness) and anger (revenge) with objectivity being the main casualty

Extreme fragility, where formerly the person was of a strong, stable character

Numbness, both physical (toes, fingertips, and lips) and emotional (inability to feel love and joy)



Hyperawareness and an acute sense of time passing, seasons changing, and distances traveled

An enhanced environmental awareness, often on a planetary scale

An appreciation of the need to adopt a healthier diet, possibly reducing or eliminating meat - especially red meat

Willingness to try complementary medicine and alternative, holistic therapies, etc

A constant feeling that one has to justify everything one says and does

A constant need to prove oneself, even when surrounded by good, positive people

An unusually strong sense of vulnerability, victimization or possible victimization, often wrongly diagnosed as "persecution"

Feelings of worthlessness, rejection, a sense of being unwanted, unlikable and unlovable

A feeling of being small, insignificant, and invisible

An overwhelming sense of betrayal, and a consequent inability and unwillingness to trust anyone, even those close to you

an initial reluctance to take action against the bully and report him/her knowing that he/she could lose his/her job
later, this reluctance gives way to a strong urge to take action against the bully so that others, especially successors, don't have to suffer a similar fate

reluctance to feel happiness and joy because one's sense of other people's suffering throughout the world is heightened

a proneness to identifying with other people's suffering

a heightened sense of unworthiness, and non-entitlement (some might call this shame)

a heightened sense of indebtedness, and undue obligation

a reluctance to earn or accept money because one's sense of poverty and injustice throughout the world is heightened

an unwillingness to draw unemployment benefit to which the person is entitled

an unusually strong desire to educate the employer and help the employer introduce an anti-bullying ethos, usually proportional to the employer's lack of interest in anti-bullying measures

a desire to help others, often overwhelming and bordering on obsession, and to be available for others at any time regardless of the cost to oneself

an unusually high inclination to feel sorry for other people who are under stress...

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